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Stay at the Vini Beach Lodge

Check out the Vini Beach Lodge...
Located on the legendary and panoramic Faaroa bay, our lodge is just minutes away from the “Stardust” yacht charter base, right on the water’s edge..


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Explore the Raiatea and Tahaa lagoon by sailboat...
Explore the fantastic lagoon of Raiatea and Tahaa by sailboat.

Many French Polynesian islands offer excellent sailing and boating opportunities - but Raiatea and Tahaa are perhaps the most charter friendly of them all...

The island's shared large and spectacular lagoon offers a near complete circumnavigation of Raiatea within it's barriers- the only island in all of Tahiti polynesia where this is possible- while the many picturesque white sand beach islets (known as motus) of Tahaa are fantastic for day touring and countless recreational opportunities...

These facts, combined with the islands close proximity to their highly popular and magnificent sister island of Bora bora, are some of the reasons why Raiatea and Tahaa have become internationally recognized as "Tahiti's sailing and yacht chartering center."

This page is your starting guide for exploring the pristine waters of the Leeward Islands of Tahiti Polynesia.

Sailing & Boat Charters

Sailing Raiatea WatersThe majority of sailing and boat charter companies choose to make Raiatea their home base for a number of reasons, the most obvious one being access to the town of Uturoa, and all the businesses and energy that exists there.

Another reason is that Raiatea is the center for nearly all boating services, with 3 marinas, 2 full service boatyards and several businesses catering to just about any boaters needs or desires.

And of course, the other reasons sailing and boating is so excellent around these particular Society islands is due to the considerably favorable yachting conditions they offer: good mooring, spectacular scenery, lots of places to explore and good seasonal wind. (A wind known in Tahitian as "mara ' amu" blows between July and September, coming from the south and capable of reaching speeds of Force 6-7 (25-30 knots).)

Below is a list of sailing and boat charter companies for you to experience these waters with. Cruise around the lagoon for a relaxing afternoon on a daily rental or venture out of the lagoon and into the open ocean for a Polynesian experience you will never forget!

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Take a tour of the Lagoon with us!
Print Coupon Now !

Tane Catamaran Charters

Based out of Uturoa, Raiatea
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 66.16.87, Cell- (689)73.96.90
Contact: Martine and Christian
E-MAIL & Bookings

Download Coupon Now!TSTN
EZ Print Internet Coupon Participant.

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Come experience the Tahaa/ Raiatea lagoon aboard our custom 14 meter Catamaran.

We're setup for cruising in comfort! We make full day or weekend charter touring around the island of Tahaa or Raiatea.

We'll snorkel, fish, swim, relax, and eat in style. Stop where you want, picnic, or see a particular sight... it's up to you! Longer charters are fine too, just let us know where you want to go. Another great option is our 2 hour sunset cruise with tasty Tahitian cocktails!

Please see our direct linking website for all the details.

Come sailing with Lagon AventureLagon Aventure

Based out of the Marina Apooiti - (BP. 985 Uturoa- 98 735) - RAIATEA
Telephone/ Fax: (689) 66.34.45, Mobile: (689) 79.26.27
Contact: Mr. Hubert CLOT
E-MAIL & Reservations

Sail the famous shared lagoon of Raiatea and Tahaa on one of our 2 sailboat options:

1) The Tilapia 22 footer is perfect for beginners or daysailing enthusiasts. 1/2 day and full day charters, bareback rentals (no special license needed), or guided exploration tours of the lagoon. This is the only place on Raiatea where you can charter a quality sailing vessel like this without an accompanying guide.)

2) The Kalim Trimaran- a 34 foot beauty with a 10 person capacity. Perfect for families, extended lagoon excursions, and in depth island exploration forays.

We are sailing experts and offer all kinds of courses in sailing instruction- from beginner lessons to expert level training.

Please see our website for more information.

Check out the website for all the details...A Blue Island

P.O. Box 10105, Paea, 98711- TAHITI
Telephone- (689) 77.94.10, or (689) 43.74.85
Contact: Francine Passal
E-MAIL & Bookings

A bespoke cruise company, based in Tahiti... Organized in the heart of the Society Islands by sailing and yachting devotees, this polynesian sailing adventures specialist combines delightful Polynesian discoveries, breathtaking landscapes, with a passion for sailing that goes far beyond your wildest Polynesian dreams.

A fleet of 3 top quality sailing vessels to choose from, depending on your sailing fantasy, await your discovery.

Please see our website for all the details.


Sailing is so good around these waters that the world's largest sailboat charter company, THE MOORINGS, established a base on Raiatea in 1984. Although much has changed over the years with their companies fleet and management, they continue to this day to make their home in the Apooiti Marina.

The Moorings
Based in Apooiti Marina, Raiatea
B.P. 165, 98735 Uturoa - Raiatea
Telephone- (689) 66.35.93, Fax- (689) 66.20.94

Posessing a fleet of 20 yachts including: 6 catamarans from 42- 47 feet and 14 monohulls from 36- 52 feet. Monohulls are made by Beneteau/ Dufour and the catamarans are by Leopard de Robertson & Caine.

Description: Sailboat rentals with or without skipper, 47 foot catamaran with crew, full board.
Options include: one way transfer to Bora Bora or Huahine, special diving cruises with monitor, skipper for training, sea kayak, kitesurf or parasailing, spinnaker, etc. Most boats have a capacity of 2- 12 passengers.

Specializing in cruising to and around the French Polynesian Society Island's Leeward group of islands Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa, Maupiti and Bora bora. Boarding/ landing: Raiatea, Moorea, Papeete. Do the Tuamotus with skipper. Also, Rangiroa, Fakarava, and beyond...

^ to top ^

And the rest of the Charter listings...

Croisiere Fai Manu
Based in Apu Bay, Tahaa
B.P. 96 98728 Maharepa, Moorea
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 56.28.04, G.S.M.- (689) 79.03.28
Contact: Mr. Bernard Clavet
(fast) 50 ft. Catamaran, Capacity: 8 passengers max for cruise and 12 passenger max full day.
Cruising to and around: Leeward island cruises or other archipelagoes on request.

Tahiti Yacht Charter
Based out of Apooiti Marina, Uturoa - Raiatea
B.P. 364, 98713 Papeete - Tahiti
Telephone- (689) 45.04.00, Fax- (689) 42.76.00,
Contact: Mrs. Monette Aline
Boarding quay depends on the cruise- either Papeete or Raiatea. Rental or charter sailboats chartered with crew or bareboat. Customized charters, personalized itineraries, escort services, expert knowledge, skippers, hostesses, etc.
Fleet: Monohulls 35'-50', Catamarans 35'-46'.
Cruising to and around: All islands of French Polynesia including Raiatea & Tahaa.

Roa Yachting
B.P. 511, 98730 Vaitape - Bora Bora
G.S.M. (689) 71.83.86, or (33)
Contact: Jean-Christophe Drouard
One "Falcon 77" motor yacht, specializing in private cruises and day outings in and around the Leeward and Windward islands of Raiatea, Tahaa, or neighboring Bora Bora. 12 passengers have many options including diving, snorkeling, sailing lessons, fishing, etc.

Polynesie Croisiere
B.P. 1284, 98735 Uturoa - Raiatea
G.S.M. (689) 28.60.06
Contact: Mr. Lionel Duprey
One 47 and 1/2 ft catamaran specializing in diving tours and multi-day cruises in and around all Leeward and Windward islands, or beyond, by request. Too many extras and details to list here...

Bisou Fute Charter

Based in Apu Bay, Tahaa
B.P. 161, 98734 Haamene - Tahaa
Telephone- (689) 65.64.97, Fax- (689) 65.69.08
G.S.M.- (689) 79.11.42
Contact: Mr. Jean-Yvon Nechachby
51 ft. Monohull (Beneteau) sailing boat. Maximum capacity: 8 passengers.
Cruising to and around: Tahaa day cruises, Raiatea, other Leeward islands and archipelagoes on request.

B.P. 331, 98735 Uturoa - Raiatea
Telephone- (689) 60.04.85, Fax - (689) 66.23.19
Contact: Mrs. Patricia Hubbard

Featuring a fleet of 15 monohull sailboats from 34-50 feet, and 8 catamarans from 38-46 feet with capacities from 4-12 passengers each.

Charter and bare boat rentals ideal for cruising around the Leeward and Windward islands of Raiatea, Tahaa, and neighboring Bora Bora or Huahine, etc. Boarding quay depends on the cruise/ destination.

Tahiti Cruise
3 Vaipipiha Residence, Paopao
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 56.57.51, G.S.M. (689) 72.23.45
Contact: Mr. Jean- Marie Libeau
The 43 foot catamaran embarks out of Moorea and cruises the island with multi-day excursions to the Leeward islands on request, or Tetiaroa. Half day cruises, sunset cruises, and lots more.

Motor Yacht Charter/ Atara Royal
B.P. 909, 98735 Uturoa - Raiatea
Contact: Mrs. Marie Finaz
Telephone- (689) 66.17.74, Fax- (689) 66.17.67,
G.S.M.- (689) 79.22.40
Boarding out of Raiatea, this "Grand Banks" type luxury 46 ft motorcruiser specializes in day and/ short term cruises around the Leeward Society islands of Raiatea & Tahaa, with other destinations Huahine, Bora bora, and Maupiti on request. Options include diving specialties and honeymoon cruises.

Aapu Croisiere
Based in Apu Bay, Tahaa
B.P. 1397, 98735 Uturoa - Raiatea 
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 65.75.08, G.S.M. (689) 25.12.38
The boat is "Wanda", a 50 foot monohull Beneteau sailboat. Boarding/ landing from: Raiatea, Papeete, or Bora bora, respectively... 10 passenger capacity, lots of extras, custom crew options, and more.
Specializing in cruises to and around: The Leeward Society islands of Raiatea & Tahaa, Huahine, and Bora bora. Other island destinations like Tahiti, Fakarava, Rangiroa, Tikehau, and more Tuamotu's available by request.

Aqua Polynesie
B.P. 59, 98763 Rotoava - Fakarava
Telephone- (33), Fax- (33)
G.S.M.- (689) 73.47.31, Contact: Mr. Patrice Poiry
Boarding quay depends on the cruise, Fleet: 1 catamaran 46'.
Cruising to and around: Many islands of French Polynesia including Raiatea & Tahaa, Huahine, Bora bora, the Tuamotus and the Marquesas islands. Special features: Boat is equipped with scuba equipment, tanks, compressors, etc.and specializes in diving cruises or discovery cruises by cabin sale or private charter.

Based out of Papeete, Tahiti
Telephone- (689) 00.872., G.S.M. (689) 72.85.31
B.P. 41750, 98713 Papeete - Tahiti
Contact: Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Anne Marie GASPARINI
1993 14m sailing yacht cruising to and around: all Leeward and Windward islands, the Tuamotu atolls, and Tetiaroa as per request. Snorkeling gear supplied, satellite phone on board. Embarking & disembarking quay depends on destination.

Sailing Huahine Voile
Based in Fare, Huahine
B.P. 661, 98731 Fare - Huahine
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 68.72.49, G.S.M.- (689) 23.23.79
Contact: Mr. Claude Bordier
A comfortable Eden Martin 15 m yacht available for charter, cruising to and around: the Society Leeward Island archipelago and the Tuamotu atolls on request. Equipped for day cruises or long term charters. Options include sea kayaks, diving, spinnaker, etc. Embarking & disembarking quay depends on destination.


Marinas & Harbors

The islands of Raiatea and Tahaa and their boater friendly shared lagoon have several marinas and harbors to anchor your boat and stay for a while. When people from all around the world sail to Raiatea, they generally anchor in one of 4 or 5 places, depending on their needs and the extent of their visit...Uturoa Harbor

Information known to TST about the marinas and harbor is as follows:


There is one harbor on Raiatea island. Known simply as Uturoa harbor, it is the base location from which the second largest city in all of French Polynesia, Uturoa, spreads out from.

(It is probably more accurate to call Uturoa a town, than a city, with it's entire population being a mere 9,000 or so inhabitants.)

Uturoa Harbor
Large dock, concrete and wood, capable of handling the largest international oceanliners and cruisers. Overnight stays for all craft are free of charge, but for extended stays you'll need to contact the harbormaster for details.

Contact: VHF 16, or the moorings channel VHF 68. All messages will be relayed to harbormasters cellphone. Leave your boat name and callback numbers.

There are 3 marinas on Raiatea. Two of them are considered public, and one of them is privately owned, being used mainly for repairing or services. Known information about each is as follows:

Uturoa Marina Station
(Harbor Master's Office)

Public marina next to Uturoa harbor in downtown Uturoa.
B.P. 584, 98735 Uturoa - Raiatea.
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 66.31.52

Entrance to the marina is easy to find from the water and well marked on most charts. Large vessels welcome. Nautical base for 100 places features a scuba club and 2 fueling stations, etc.

Overnight stays for all craft are free of charge, but for extended stays you'll need to contact the marina manager for details.

Contact: On VHF 16 or 12 or by phone.

Apooiti Marina
Public marina located at PK 3 in the Apooiti District of Raiatea. B.P. 165, 98735 Uturoa - Raiatea
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 66.12.20

This is the home of the Moorings and Tahiti Yacht Charter companies. 80 places managed by the "GIE UMA", for boats from 4- 17 meters/ w/ maximum draft: 2,30 meters.

Space is limited! Overnight stays for all craft are free of charge, but for extended stays you'll need to contact the marina manager for details.

Sailing rentals, charter and nautical base, sailing school, a sail maker, scuba diving club, 2 restaurants (and a bar) and 1 laundry room.

Contact: Jean Michel on VHF 68 or 12, or by phone- (689) 66.12.20

Uturaerae Marina (pronounced Oo too ray ray)


A large, privately owned marina on the northwest side of Raiatea, used mostly for people on extended stays in the area.
(yes, those nasty repairs and services will keep your boat out of the water...)

This marina is owned by the CHANTIER NAVAL DES ILES and is the home of 4 companies servicing the marine industry.
Contact: Jacques Freixas or Ariel Badinot on VHF Channel 72, or by telephone- (689) 66.10.10, Fax- (689) 66.28.41

See the boatyards and marine services section below for more information.


There is one harbor on Tahaa and a few good places to anchor or moor boats. The harbor is located in Tapuamu Bay on the northwest side of the island and is called Tapuamu village. Tapuamu bay is considered by sailors to be one of the most sheltered in the area, affording good protection from the famously strong southeasterly tradewinds known as "Maraamu".

For good places to moor outside of Tapuamu bay, the 2 most popular places to moor are at the Marina Iti, on the south side of the island, and also in front of the Hibiscus hotel in Haamene bay on the east side of Tahaa.

The information we have for them is as follows:

Hibiscus Yacht Club
Located at the Pension Hibiscus in Haamene Bay, Tahaa.
(B.P. 184, 98734 Haamene - Tahaa.)
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 65.61.06, Fax- (689) 65.65.65
G.S.M.- (689) 79.28.81

10 moorings available for sailboats. This is the official representative of the "Trans- Ocean Association".

Contact: On VHF, channel 68 Hibiscus, or by phone.

Taravana Yacht Club
B.P. 1026, 98735 Uturoa - Raiatea
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 65.61.01, Fax- (689) 60.81.40

Equipped marine base includes moorings, showers, restrooms, bar and restaurant, international phone, internet access, and much more. Large vessels no problems...

Note: Administration and management for this club changed in August, 2008, therefore, current contact information beyond numbers listed above is non-reliable. More information coming as soon as we get it.

Note: There are a few more lessor known spots to anchor and moor on Tahaa, but it's best, of course, to consult your charts for details!

Boatyards & Marine Services

Raiatea island boasts an impressive selection of highly skilled and professional businesses and services for the yachting or boating enthusiast, most of which are found in the Uturaerae marina or the town of Uturoa.

A list of some of them is as follows:

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Le Carenage ServicesLe Carenage Services


Located in the Uturaerae Marina
B.P 888, Raiatea, Polynesie Francaise
Contact: Dominique Goche- manager, on VHF Channel 68, or by telephone-
(689) 66.22.96, G.S.M- (689) 78.22.96,
or E-MAIL us here

Vessel repairs of all kinds, salvage, and marine parts sales.

Please see our website for all the details.

And here's a list of more marine and sailing/ charter related businesses we know of.

Chantier Naval Des Iles - A FULL SERVICE BOATYARD
Located in the Uturaerae Marina, PO Box 317, Uturoa, Raiatea 98735- Polynesie Francaise
Contact: Jacques Freixas or Ariel Badinot on VHF Channel 72, or by telephone- (689) 66.10.10, fax -(689) 66.28.41.
Vessel repairs of all kinds and marine parts sales. Servicing vessels up to 60 feet long, w/ 8 foot draft, and 25 tons- out of water.

Marinalu - Boat builders
Located in Uturaerae Marina
PO Box 594- Uturoa, Raiatea- 98735, Polynesie Francaise
Telephone - (689) 66.25.04, Fax (689) 66.37.86
Specializing in the construction of aluminum craft of all kinds.

Triboulat Boat Builders
Based in Uturaerae Marina
Uturoa, Raiatea- 98735, Polynesie Francaise
Telephone - (689) 66.28.47

Nauti Sports Raiatea - Marine Products
Located in downtown Uturoa, Raiatea- 98735,
Telephone - (689) 66.35.83, Fax (689) 66.15.75
Raiatea's affiliate of the largest marine store in Tahiti Polynesia. Every kind of marine product for all boating needs can be found or ordered here.

Galeries Puchon - Marine Products
Located in downtown Uturoa
PO Box 15- Uturoa, Raiatea- 98735, Polynesie Francaise
Telephone -(689) 66.30.35, Fax (689) 66.31.63
Well stocked marine store.

Raiatea Marine - Custom Boat Builder - Based in Uturaerae Marina
Contact: Jacques Freixas or Ariel Badinot on VHF Channel 72, or by telephone- 689) 66.10.10, fax -(689) 66.28.41
The ONLY fiberglass boat builer in Raiatea building pleasure and technical boats from 9 feet to 43 feet. All models are registered by "Affaires Maritimes" according to French law.

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ChartsCheck this chart out now!

There are many places to buy current, up to date charts for all the Polynesian islands, and any sailor worth his salt knows that having up to date charts is always well worth the investment.

Here, TST offers you a look at a good, (but probably out of date) chart of the Leeward Islands of the Society Island Archipelago in French Polynesia.

Therefore, we recommend a few places to purchase more current charts for these islands:

(Specify: Leeward Island group of the Society Island Archipelago- French Polynesia.)

National Library of Australia
A catalogue of charts for the region.

Tides End
Bellingham Chart Printers carries over 400 charts at discount prices.

Charlies Charts
Experience your world... Polynesian sailor's choice of quality charts. Also, a bookstore, photos and sketches, and more

South Pacific Weather

TST is discovering the boater's and yachtsmen's most popular choices for dependable and accurate online weather forecasting for sailing and boating in the Polynesian islands.

Here's a good source for English speaking sailors and yachstmen:'s South Pacific Forecast

See your Choices of Sailing, Charter Boats and Touring,
and Marine Information for the Other Islands of
Get the charter and marine info you're looking for...

Papeete / Tahiti

Bora Bora


Moorea Island



Check out the Tane Catamaran!
Come experience the Tahaa/ Raiatea lagoon aboard our custom 14 meter Catamaran...

We're setup for cruising in comfort.

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Books, travel guides, maps, Polynesian music, videos, gifts, pareos, soaps, oils, lotions, perfumes & clothing are just a few of the items available.

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An interactive bulletin board covering a diverse array of Tahitian subjects.

Ask questions, get advice, meet people, be crazy!

It's fun, easy, and informative!

Get the

Polynesian traveler and internationally acclaimed author David Stanley gives insight and knowledge for the islands YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Get the Moon Handbook now!


(8th edition Handguide from


...with our EZ Print Internet Coupons for activities, lodging, car rentals, and many other things travelers (and locals) spend money on in French Polynesia.*
EZ print coupons SAVE YOU MONEY in TahitiRemember: French Polynesians don't "negotiate" or barter with their published prices...

These coupons are worth cold, hard cash!

*For a quick glance at our vendors, see our COUPON FINDER now!

This is a really fun day!
Kayak up Raiatea's fabulous Faaroa River.

We are the only company that regularly takes kayaking tours like this up the Faaroa River.

A fantastic day of relaxing paddling and enjoying beautiful scenery while you learn about the fascinating history of Polynesia's only navigable river.

Visit our website
for more information


Find out Who's Who and Where -
On the Tahiti Sun Travel Network.

Also, are they a Coupon Program participant?

We have many different linking members throughout our pages so far and are adding more regularly...

This handy quick reference saves time when you don't have time to explore the network. (Members are listed alphabetically and categorized per/ island site.)



The Society Islands are the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.
Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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